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Before they adopt new regulations, federal administrative agencies in the United States seek public comments on their regulatory proposals. For many years, it has not been easy to find out what proposed rules are open for comment.

RuleFinder provides easy access to all the proposed rules that major agencies currently have open for public comment. Simply click on any of the agency names below and you will be transferred to a search result page on listing which rules, if any, the listed agency has open for comment. Then just follow the instructions on if you wish to submit a comment to the agency.

This RuleFinder resource site was developed as a public service by Cary Coglianese, the Director of the Penn Program on Regulation. It also serves as a proof of concept for a key recommendation he offered in a 2011 report to the Administrative Conference of the United States, namely for each federal agency to provide a link on its home page to all of its proposed rules open for public comment.

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