Penn Faculty Make List of Top 2022 Regulatory Authors

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Essays by seven Penn faculty made The Regulatory Review’s list of top essays from 2022.

As the year 2022 came to a close, The Regulatory Review released its annual list of top essays from the previous year. The following seven Penn faculty members’ essays landed on the list:

Cary Coglianese (Law)

Allison Hoffman (Law)

Michael Knoll (Law)

Eric Orts (Wharton)

Dorothy Roberts (Law)

Shelley Welton (Law and Kleinman Center)

Kevin Werbach (Wharton)

The Regulatory Review
is the Penn Program on Regulation’s daily online publication of news, commentary, analysis, and research. It provides accessible coverage of regulatory policymaking and enforcement issues, across a full range of regulatory topics and from a variety of perspectives. The Review attracts readers from around the world, delivering incisive and timely analysis by leading academics and regulatory practitioners, as well as by members of The Review’s student editorial and writing team.

During 2022, more than 60 Penn law students worked to produce The Regulatory Review.  In its year-end retrospective, The Review also featured the top essays written by its staff as well as its overall top news coverage from 2022 and its special series and weekly “Saturday Seminar” features.

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