Course Spotlight

Land Use Law
Wendell Pritchett
Penn Provost; Presidential Professor of Law and Education

Student Programs

Gain a deeper understanding of environmental law and regulation through specialized joint degree and certificate programs, as well as the Environmental Law Project.


Adapting Our Flood Risk Policies to Changing Conditions
Carolyn Kousky, Howard Kunreuther, Siyuan Xian & Ning Lin

Faculty Profile

Arthur van Benthem

Associate Professor of Business Economics & Public Policy

The Fracking Debate
Daniel Raimi
Fellow, Resources for the Future

The Penn Program on Regulation engaged in public dialogues and produced research and reports establishing a framework for defining and attaining regulatory excellence, within the energy sector and beyond. Read the Initiative’s final report by Cary Coglianese, Listening, Learning, and Leading: A Framework for Regulatory Excellence.

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