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Course Modules Overview

We have developed five course modules to teach students about voluntary codes and standards. These modules are designed to provide examples and opportunities for exposing students to codes and standards in the context of teaching traditional legal concepts. The five course modules are:

Each course module includes a teaching guide, which features a topic overview, readings, and discussion questions, plus PowerPoint slides. For the standard essential patents and preemption modules, original case studies are available to use for class discussion.

The modules are appropriate for use in a wide range of courses, including:

Administrative Law
Constitutional Law
Environmental Law
Intellectual Property
Local Government Law

Planning Law
Property Law
Real Estate Law
Regulation & Legislation
Statutory Interpretation

These materials were developed under the auspices of the Penn Program on Regulation with support from the National Institute of Standards and Technology. They are free to use, duplicate, edit, and adapt to your teaching needs.

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