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About Us

About the Optimizing Government Project

Machine learning promises major advances in support of decision-making in a wide array of settings.  Already in widespread use in the private sector, where machine learning supports financial analysis, retail marketing, and even driverless automobiles, its application in government raises a host of important questions for democratic governance.  The interdisciplinary Optimizing Government Project, supported by the Fels Policy Research Initiative at the University of Pennsylvania, draws together computer scientists, data analysts, social scientists, and legal scholars to tackle both current and future challenges related to applying artificial intelligence techniques in governmental and public policy settings.

About the Fels Policy Research Initiative

Launched in 2016, the Fels Policy Research Initiative seeks to increase the visibility and impact of Penn’s policy-relevant research through a variety of activities including supporting research and working groups, sponsoring events and seminars, and authoring op-eds.


Professor Cary Coglianese
Edward B. Shils Professor of Law
Professor of Political Science
Director, Penn Program on Regulation

University of Pennsylvania Carey Law School
3501 Sansom Street
Philadelphia, PA 19104

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