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Selected press coverage of machine learning research and analysis by Optimizing Government Project collaborators.

Optimizing Government, The Regulatory Review, (series) (10/2/2017).

“Smart City” Tech Should Tackle More Than Transit and Energy, op-ed by Ken Steif, Next City (8/30/2017). 

Black Box Justice, The Pennsylvania Gazette (8/28/2017).  

Adjudicating by Algorithm, Regulating by Robot, Oxford Business Law Blog, by Cary Coglianese & David Lehr (4/21/2017).

Artificial Intelligence and the Administrative State, The Regulatory Review (series) (12/19/2016).  

Philadelphia is grappling with the prospect of a racist computer algorithm, (9/16/2016). 

Homicides are spiking again in some big U.S. cities. Chicago has seen nearly half the increase, The Washington Post (9/26/2016). 

Can a computer algorithm be trusted to help relieve Philly’s overcrowded jails?, 90.5 WESA (9/1/2016). 

Robot regulators could eliminate human error, op-ed by Cary Coglianese, San Francisco Chronicle (5/26/2016).

Machine learning can help prevent repeat domestic violence offensesPenn Current (2/18/2016).

Smarter Regulation for the “Optimizing Economy”, The Regulatory Review (2/24/2016).  

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